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Legal Requirements with Obamacare

This paper provides an overview of the legal requirements of Obamacare and the impact on employers and their health plans. Under Obamacare employers will face new requirements to ensure proper employee notification, qualification, participation, and compliance with new programs. This paper highlights key issues requiring employer plan awareness and in many cases decision-making by plan administrators.

pdf download   Legal Requirements with ObamaCare

Pay or Play White Paper - Thomson Reuters

Beginning in 2014, employers with more than 50 employees will be required to either offer coverage to their full-time employees or pay a penalty for not doing so. This paper demonstrates that the existence of an option not to cover their employees is no "slam dunk" cost-saving measure. An employer's cost calculations to Pay or Play are much more complex, and not only is eliminating group health coverage not cost efficient, it may potentially have a large impact on an employer's competitive market position for retaining and recruiting talent.

pdf download   Pay or Play White Paper Thomson Reuters

ROI of Wellness Programs

Savings remains a prime motivator for implementing wellness programs. This paper discusses the financial value of wellness programs and how to evalue their ROI and justify their existence.

pdf download   ROI of Wellness Programs

The Value of Wellness Incentives

This paper goes into more details about the value of wellness incentives not only to the health of your employees but to your bottom line.

pdf download   The Value of Wellness Incentives

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