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Federal and state regulation is a fact of life for your business. As more legislation is passed staying current and compliant with changes is becoming more difficult and time-consuming. We offer our clients a number of tools and resources to help them with compliance. In addition, all of the technology tools we provide or implement on your behalf are compliant with all HIPAA and privacy laws.

Client Community Portal

All of our clients have access to Comprehensive Benefit Services' HR360 human resources portal.

HR360 is a dedicated on-line human resources and benefits library created exclusively for our client community. Our HR360 library provides a wealth of online Health Care Reform and employee benefits guidance along with useful HR tools, forms and our Client Community Newsletter straight to your desktop.

With a complimentary subscription to the HR360 online HR Library, our clients navigate the ever-changing employee benefits and human resources landscape-no matter the size firm. Whether it's Health Care Reform, federal and state COBRA laws, or the day-to-day responsibilities of hiring and managing employees, you’ll find HR360 your go-to source for up-to-date news, guidance and forms. Inside you’ll find:

  • A Customizable sample employee handbook
  • The most current Health Care Reform guidance and notices
  • State and federal COBRA and continuation of coverage information
  • Step-by-step interactive guides on hiring, performance reviews, disciplining and terminating employees
  • Time-saving interactive tools including a job description builder, salary benchmarking tool and HR self-assessment modules
  • More than 500 downloadable forms and posters
  • HIPAA Privacy Manual

HR360 is meant to keep you ahead of the curve and to enable you to streamline your HR and employee benefits functions so they can get back to what they do best: building their businesses.

COBRA and FMLA Compliance

You can gain access to regulatory information and model documents for COBRA and FMLA through our HR360 human resources portal. We also offer COBRA and FMLA outsourcing through our financial services.

Health Reform Compliance

Since Congress passed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010, several new rules and regulations may impact your company. In addition to the resources available in our HR360 human resources portal, we offer an array of audit services. In 2015 you may be required to either provide health coverage to your employees or pay a penalty. Making that decision will require a careful analysis of many factors. We have designed a model that will help you make that decision. Contact us for more information.

Employee Benefit News